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George and Emma Are Back Off Annual Leave

We are back now from our summer holidays so orders will resume as normal.


About our Shrimps

We source our shrimps from many different suppliers, as you can tell from the pictures that we have had professionally taken they are all top grade shrimps.

We also know that people buy in bulk so we have put together some great bulk buy deals to help you keep you tank stocked up.

We have Caridina lines:

Black Panda

Blue Panda

Bolt Blue

CBS (a-s grade)

CRS (a-s grade)



Red Nose (Rhino Nose)

Taiwan Black Bee Mix

Tiger Mix

As well as Neo Caridina:

Black Rose

Bloody Mary

Blue Diamond

Blue Jelly

Blue Topaz

Cherry Shrimp

Chocolate Shrimp

Fire Red

Green Jade

Orange Rili

Orange Sakura

Red Rili


Yellow Sakura

Plus many more...

We have also been putting together an extensive selection of dry goods for shrimps as well as moss and plants.  We keep minerals and foods in stock and can shrimp them out to you regularly.